Axel Innis

Group leader (Inserm) | axel.innis {at}

Axel did his PhD in structural biology at the University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Prof. Tom Blundell (1998-2002). He then joined the group of Dr. R. Sowdhamini at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore as a visiting fellow (2002-2004), where he developed a computational method for identifying functionally important sites in proteins. Following his time in India, Axel joined the laboratory of Prof. Thomas Steitz at Yale University (2004-2012). There, he chose to tackle what was, at the time, a little-known form of translational control: the regulation of ribosomal protein synthesis by the nascent polypeptide. He joined IECB as a group leader in January 2013, was awarded the 2017 Coups d’Elan Prize for French Research from the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation and was selected as a 2017 EMBO Young Investigator.

Research Assistant


Mélanie is optimizing and streamlining in-house methods for the high-throughput study of ribosome-targeting peptides.

Mélanie Gillard

Project Engineer (Inserm)

melanie.gillard {at}



Mecit is exploring the functional capabilities of small molecule-sensing arrest peptides

Mecit Gökçe

Postdoc (Inserm)

abdulmecit.gokce {at}


Aitor is using the ribosome as a high-throughput selection platform to obtain new antimicrobial peptides

Aitor Manteca

Postdoc (Inserm / EMBO Long Term Fellow)

a.manteca {at}


Thomas studies the mechanisms of antimicrobial peptide uptake in bacteria

Thomas Perry

Postdoc (Inserm)

t.perry {at}


Anne-Xander is developing new experimental approaches to identify ribosome-arresting peptides in bacteria

Anne-Xander van der Stel

Postdoc (Inserm)

ax.van-der-stel {at}

PhD Students


Pauline is working on the identification and characterization of peptide-based antibiotic scaffolds

Pauline Cossard

PhD student (Inserm)

pauline.cossard {at}


Alba is working on the identification of bacterial arrest peptides with novel functionalities

Alba Herrero del Valle

PhD student (University of Bordeaux)

alba.herrero-del-valle {at}


Elodie studies the mechanisms by which antibiotics affect bacterial translation.

Elodie Leroy

PhD student (Inserm)

e.leroy {at}



Krishna Kishore Inampudi

Postdoc (now assistant professor at AIIMS in Delhi, India)

Iñaki Cervera-Marzal

Masters student (Developer of mobile app Niaki)

James Marks III

Chateaubriand fellow, currently a PhD student in the Mankin lab (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Carolin Seefeldt

PhD student, currently doing a postdoc in the Johansson lab (Uppsala University)

Justine Charon

Postdoc (now doing a postdoc in the Holmes lab at the University of Sidney)
Deniz Pekin

Deniz Pekin

Visiting scientist (now CEO of Sencet, a start-up offering MEMS technologies integrated with microfluidics for the biophysical characterization of cells)

Guénaël Sacheau

Assistant engineer (now at Sopra Steria)

Britta Seip


Natacha Pérébaskine

Assistant engineer